Heuristics and squidguard

  • I have searched the forums and found some good info, but not quite the exact information I am looking for hence why I am posting this.
    I have used IPcop with dan's guardian for a few years now and love it. I recently found PFSense and it looks great. I am really considering switching to PFSense, I am setting this all up for my church.
    Aside from a solid firewall the biggest thing we want to have is a good content filter. I saw that PF Sense uses squid guard. My understanding is that squidguard does not use heuristics like dan's guardian.
    Is this a big issue? I am not real familier with Squidguard. Which one will give me the best content filter, my assumption is that dan's guardian will, only because it does everything squidguard does and also does heuristics as well.  
    Dan's Guardian also claims to be faster than squid guard.

    I want to switch to PFSense, but don't want to lose what I have in a solid content filter with dan's guardian.

    I also assume I can set up a wireless network that will be segmented from my wired network. Similar to the Blue network in IPCOP?


  • Yes, you can separate your wireless and wired networks.

    As for SquidGuard, I'm not familiar with Dan's Guardian (which has a restrictive license, hence why it's not available on pfSense).  How much has the heuristics feature actually gained you?  Would you really miss it?

  • I think the heuristics  feature in Dan's guardian has helped, it has blocked sites that may not have normally been blocked using key words etc.  I thought I saw something stating that you could use keywords with pfsense and squid guard that would block sites based on those keywords. I think that only blocks them if they are in the URL and not if they are within the site itself.
    Is this correct?
    I don't know how much I would miss the heuristics since I have never used squidguard.

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