Problems with IPsec Client (NAT-T?)

  • Hello,

    i read in the m0n0wall documentation about the NAT-T issue.
    is it the same for pfSense?

    just tried to use the VPN-1 SecureClient (Check Point) to connect.
    No luck. Same Problem with another IPsec Client. (Watchguard)

    A friend of mine is using a Cisco IPsec Client without any problems
    on another m0n0wall.

    it looks like my 2 clients (connections) need NAT-T and the
    Cisco connection is configured to run without that.

    are there any hints to solve this problem, or isn't it possible
    to run these VPN clients with pfSense?



  • Yes, we have the same limitation as m0n0wall in this regard.

  • and there's no solution to use these clients form behind a m0n0wall/pfSense?

    its an BSD issue, isn't it?

    are there any solutions like m0n0wall or pfsense based on linux?
    pfSense is really great, but i need these clients more and more in future… :(

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