Soekris VS Pix 501

  • I have had great luck with replacing older Cisco PIX 501 units with the Soekris/PFSense combination with one exception.  The PIX has 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports.  When configured the 4 LAN ports are all the "same" private IP on the network.

    The Soekris has three ports Eth 0 1 2. Where Port 1 is the WAN and Port 0 is the LAN I would like to make Port 2 a LAN connection also on the same IP.  So that I don't need to burn a switch in the back room where the Firewall and Asterisk boxes reside.

    I think I want bridge mode, but my first attempt was a no go.

    Appreciate any help..

    Thank You…

  • The 501 has a switch on the LAN side, whereas the Alix has three real interfaces. On a Alix you could use the third interface as a DMZ, second WAN, etc. Anyway, you should be able to bridge your optional interface (third port) with your LAN port. Should be straightforward, but I just use a switch on the LAN side so I haven't done this.

  • I have a wired LAN bridged with wireless LAN. It was pretty straightforward to set up.

    "First attempt was a no go" covers a wide variety of problems. Can you be more specific?

    Maybe one of the bridged ports didn't work. You might need a cross over cable there rather then a straight through cable.

    Maybe you didn't get DHCP assigned IP address on the OPTx port. You need firewall rules to allow DHCP traffic on the OPTx port. See discussion in the DHCP and DNS forum.

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