Shaper limiting speed on both WAN interfaces

  • All,

    I have searched around here for information related to this problem but couldn't find any. Maybe I didn't know which search terms to use.

    Have had traffic shaper working for some time now on pfSense 1.2.2 with no problems. Actually posted here about optimal settings and assisted others with set up.

    I have 2 WAN interfaces and 1 LAN interface with multiple subnets coming through this LAN interface. Until today, both WAN links were AT&T DSL lines at 6.0/768. I upgraded one and now I have a Time Warner Business Class 15/2 and just 1 AT&T 6.0/768.

    So we've got:

    WAN: TWC 15/2
    OPT1 (WAN2): AT&T 6.0/768

    Shaper is shaping traffic on WAN2 interface as it has been doing forever and is doing so properly.

    Problem is that the traffic shaper is also limiting traffic speed going out of the WAN interface. I didn't realize this before because both links were the same speed anyway. I have traffic going out either WAN or WAN2 by subnet using outgoing NAT rules.

    So, I have: computers -> WAN IP phones -> WAN2

    The subnet is seeing significantly restrained download speeds because of the shaper. I have confirmed this by disabling the shaper as well as watching the queues, which show the traffic in the P2P (or bulk) queue when the shaper is enabled.

    Any ideas? Or is this normal behavior? Thanks!

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