"InterVlanRouting" with pfSense?

  • For a networking project for my 'capstone' course here at college we are designing and implementing a 'corporate' network in our lab environment with one connection.

    We aren't entirely sure yet as to what  the other two NICs in the machine are going to be used for, but we have the pfSense computer connected to a Cisco 2950 switch with 10 configured Vlans.

    The pfSense computer is going to act as a Captive Portal along with a few other goodies (firewall) (maybe NAT to real internet), etc.

    OPur first real question is how to accomplish the "inter vlan routing" with pfSense and how do we route the data from the Vlans on the cisco Switch to our Router or the interface that goes out to the Internet (if we decide do do this).

    I understand that it is basically acting as a router (maybe even a NAT device, not sure yet) but either way we can't really find a clear solution on how to do the inter vlan routing on the pfSense.


  • You will basically have a Cisco Trunk (802.1q tagged) link going to the interface on the pfSense machine. Then you will add all of the VLANs to pfSense using that parent physical interface. Then the pfSense box will have an interface on every VLAN that you can apply firewall rules to, give out DHCP, etc.

  • Once we add all of the Vlans to the LAN interface on the pfSense computer, how do we get it to route traffic across the computer?

    We added another network card to the machine. One of the NICs is goign to go out to the internet and do NAT to the rest of the private network … how wcan we configure this? The machine is going to be a router for 3 internal addresses with private addresses through a NAT device out to the Internet

  • Assign the VLANs to OPT interfaces, configure an IP subnet on each OPT interface, add firewall rules, and configure your hosts and access ports accordingly.

    some info here:

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