The LAN card RLT8168 is not detected by PFSENSE 1.2

  • I install Pfsense 1.2.1 in HP Compaq DX 2400 (one Slot PCi, and One PCi Express)
    Two cards LAN: 1/ LAN RLT8168/8111 integreted card  (1Gb)  and 2th/ LAN Card PCI D-LINK (1Gb)
    For D-LINK: I have no Problème  but  Realtek is never detected
    I have driver for FBSD Ver. 5 & 6 in the Net but i don't now what do I do ?  because: in read me PFSENSE have not the directory SRC  ( Ex. usr/src/sys/pci  is not exted)

    Thanks for you help

  • pfSense 1.2.1 is now quite old. I suggest you try a newer version of pfSense, even one of the recent 1.2.3 snapshots.

  • Thank you Wallabybob

    It's OK for 1.2.3  but captive portal have some pb ? CP is not active correctly

    I will test with 1.2.3
    I'll give you the result


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