FreeRadius Package Goal?

  • Is the goal of the FreeRadius package to be an easy way to implement PEAP security for wireless networks, to provide a radius server to run the captive portal against, or to have a general purpose Radius server and leave it up to the admin to SSH in and configure what he wants?

    I ask because I've just recently started to take a very serious look into wireless security.  I've only had wireless at home since early this year, and I've been using WPA2 PSK since it should take a pretty determined hacker to get by this, but I thought I really should be using something better.  FreeRadius would let me run WPA Enterprise (perhaps WPA2 Enterprise?), which should be a significant advance in making things really and truly secure.

    A webGui item or three could potentially be added to pfSense to make advanced wireless security very easy, if that is the goal.  (One page for the security setup info, another for usernames and passwords)

  • The goal is whatever the maintainer wants.  We don't have one so whoever wants to take this baby by the horns then lets rock.

    We'll help any way we can in further developing of this package but at the moment none of the devs use freeradius from what I understand.

  • it is possible to include in FreeRadius package Per user bandwith and download limit ?

  • No.  I have gone over many times why dummynet shaping will not work with pf.  Please search the forum.

    Hint: its a freebsd bug.

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