Can't ping wan interface??

  • i set everything up, everything was up and running… after me messing up with some PCI slots, i can't get it working.

    i installed new pfsense back from scratch, i assigned interfaces automatic and i set up IPs....

    i can run webGUI and i can change settings but i can't ping WAN interface or router behind wan interface? nothing happens packet's lost 100%.

    Internet is running router has DHCP disabled, and if i connect directly i get internet. from console i can't ping computer on network, but again not the router or wan interface??!

    HELP (the configuration that was working before was restored.... but nothing) also cable changed nothing... only thing that bothers me is that ACK led is not blinking, only LNK?!


  • Power cycle the router.

  • power cylcle the router… what does that mean?? to shut it down and turn on again?? or?

    I did turn it down and back on.... maybe because he has DHCP turned off... i have to manualy set up IPs...

  • If you have the same IP on a different NIC, the router could have the old MAC cached in the ARP table. Turn the router off, wait a minute and power back on.

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