DHCP option 43 for accesspoint

  • Does anyone know how I can configure a DHCP option 43 (vendor specific) on PFsense?

    I need to show a wireless accesspoint the way to his master (controller).
    For now it just completely lost and in panic in his own subnet.

    I've messed around with DHCPD.CONF on the console, but this isn't perminent (using the embedded version on CF card)

    ddns-update-style none;
    one-lease-per-client true;
    deny duplicates;
    option option-43 code 43 = text;
    subnet netmask {
            pool {
                    option domain-name-servers;
            option routers;
            option domain-name-servers;
    host s_lan_0 {
            hardware ethernet 00:22:7f:13:92:90;
            option option-43 "31:39:32:2E:31:36:38:2E:31:30:30:2E:31:31:36";

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, love PFsense by the way.

    Greetz Mike

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    This has been addressed in 2.0, where you can specify any numbered option you want.

    I doubt this code will make its way back into 1.2.x, but if you are familiar enough with PHP you could try to look at the code from 2.0 and backport it yourself.

  • What kind of access point is it? Some vendors(Aruba for sure) give you the option to find the controller using DNS rather than through a DHCP option.

  • Thank you both for the reply,

    I configured it now manually as a different radius client, this also works for now.
    I'll wait for the stable 2.0 release and see then if I can get it to communicate with the controller.

    It's a Ruckus 7942. It detects the controller normally by broadcast (on the same subnet)

    A plan B is the 43 option (this is undocumented, their support staff sent me information about it)
    It supports DNS, but you need to buy the flexmaster software, but that would be a substitute for the controller, so a waste of money, and you'd need a server running for it.