Connect my pfsense to Internet!!!!

  • Hi,
    I have the following configuration but can not connect my pfsense to internet…
    WAN= GW=
    LAN = x.x.x.100/28 ( I have Public IP Here!! )

    My public servers use ip between x.x.x.97-111 and  x.x.x.100 as their gw ... this works ok .
    In this configuration pfsence use its own WAN ip to connect to internet so ....

    Any Idea to solve this problem ...

  • What is not working?
    What did you try?
    How do you test?

  • TNX for reply
    As I mentioned before , pfsence box can not connect to internet !!!
    It seems that it use its WAN IP (private ip) to go to internet!!!
    I use Diagnostics>Ping to test connection!! pining ip and domain both fails via WAN if but it work via LAN!
    Also System>Package Manager give me this error !!

    Unable to communicate to Please check DNS, default gateway, etc.

    Any Idea?!

  • this is never going to work!  i am gathering that you have public IPs on the LAN, and those are fine, but since your gateway is using private IPs, it cannot talk to anything outside the ISP's network.

  • You have the addresses swapped.  LAN addresses should be internal (private (10/8, 192.168./16 and 172./12)) and WAN addresses are either DHCP or what your ISP defined for you.