Force all traffic to a specific website over one interface?

  • is this possible? if it is I assume its a firewall rule. I took a look at the options and im unsure of how I should enter it as destination..

    here is how I think I should set it up as:

    Interface Lan
    TCP (since its over port 80)
    Source LAN Net
    Destination Single Host or Alias (
    Destination Port range 80:80
    Gateway : default
    State: Keep State

    and I would place this rule ABOVE loadbalance?

    I have NO DMZ. I have one LAN net with wireless bridged to it. I have 2 WANs. Using 1.2.3-RC1.

    Am I on the right track with this? I dont want to try it in case I bork my load balancing or somethign…

  • ok so I figured it out.

    the firewall configuration above is accurate, HOWEVER one small change. Instead of I needed to create an alias for, which is good because it offers me the opportunity to add not only one site, but the sites entire dns pool.

    I executed


    received three IP addresses. I shoved em all into a firewall alias, shoved the alias into a firewall rule, and VOILA! Problem solved :D

  • That works but if the DNS record for ever changes you'll have to update your alias manually.

  • thats true. is there a package to notify me of such a change? or a shell script?

  • You could write one yourself. If it were me, I'd use php CLI and use a simple condition. Then, php could email you if a change was found. I would write you an example, but I'm on my iPhone…

  • jonny, do you mind sharing the script with me as well?


  • Hey folks!

    I'll gladly write yous up a script but it would be great if you could give me a few days as I'm just busy with work.