How to setup a VirtualP for my ftp server?

  • Hi my friends.

    I have been reading about the different setups to make internal FTP servers be reachable from the outside. I have test the easy way but still doesn't work.
    My server is a pure-ftp, is working in mode passive. I have enable ports from 50000-52000, it has the option to answer to a specific IP, but here  I don't know how to make this possible if my WAN is dynamic, this is one of my doubts.

    Reading some post about ftp setup, the option I want to try is went u create a VirtualIP and NAT 1:1. The only problem for is that I have never work with CARP, is really new thing for me.

    1. Created Virtual IP based on CARP
    2. Enabled FTP proxy helper on WAN interface
    3. Created a 1:1 NAT (tried port forwarding, it works too)
    4. Reconfigure /etc/vsftp/vsftpd.conf and enabled passive mode, defined the min and max ports and enabled port range (50000 and 51000)
    5. Created a firewall rule

    I can build VPN, setup the firewall, portforward but I dont know how setup a VirtualIP for this task.

    My wan have is over DSL, them my public IP is dynamic, my lan is running on my GW, my ftp server is

    Could someone help me or show me how to setup a VirtualIP to make my ftp server be reachable from the outside, I want to learn more, but this a little confuse for me.

    How to setup VirtualIP?

    I  will appreciated this a lot or if have a link where I can learn this will be great.

    Thanks for your time my friends.

  • My ftp is working, the active mode was the solution.

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