FS Journaling?

  • Unfortunately at our location, the power can fluctuate at times causing blackouts in certain rooms. Needless to say I have become quite acquainted with fsck recently. (Side Note: I come from the Linux world and haven't used a FS without journaling for many years)

    Is there any way to enable journaling on the pfsense partitions? I have installed pfsense to the hard drive (not running off the Live CD) and would love a situation where I don't have to manually get involved with fsck just to bring the machine, and our entire office's internet connection, back up.

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    Typically it should be running fsck -y automatically on boot if there is a problem.

    Really, though, you should have your pfSense router on a large, high-quality UPS especially if you know there are power issues.

    Or if you are not using packages, try moving to a CF-based install which is less prone to filesystem issues as it is read-only the majority of the time.

  • I've played with gmirror on pfSense before. Gjournal is a bit more complex, but with a bit of work you might be able to get a full install journaled. It might be as easy as copying a few files from a full install and configuring. Or it might not be, I haven't tried it.

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