LAN host can not access Internet for several hours after download file

  • Dear all,

    We use Pfsense 1.2 stable version for our network as follow:

    LAN –-------> Pfsense --------------> Internet

    it works fine except that if I download file from Internet used Internet Download Manager tool at my LAN host, after that download finished, my LAN host can not access Internet for several hours. I ping Pfsense host from the LAN host, i can see echo request at Pfsense but there is no reply from Pfsense host. ping the LAN host from Pfsense is still ok. If I changed ip address of LAN host, it can access Internet for some minutes before be blocked again.

    I did not set any connection limit rules on Pfsense firewall

    What problems with my Pfsense ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What you are describing is not something that would happen on a basic install of pfSense with no packages. Did you enable something such as Snort?

    If you enable snort, turn on its blocking, and have some very trigger-happy rules loaded like "Shellcode" then it will see an EXE download, think it's an intrusion attempt, and then block the IP for 2 hours.

  • You could be running out of states but you would have to go some to use them all up that quick. This "Internet Download Manager tool" wouldn't happen to be torrent related would it?