• I have failover working with with my two Internet connections.  I am not using Load Balancing.

    I have a problem with Monitor IPs on the failover setup.  Its only selecting the IPs on the router from the ISP.  So I am not monitoring anything outside my offices.  I would like to select a next hope router or the nameservers from the ISP.

    Even if I specifically select Other and enter the IP to monitor,  under Services–>Loadbalancer-->Pools, the column for Monitor still shows the ISP router gateway IPs.  And the logs for the Loadbalancer (Status-->System Logs-->Loadbalancer) confirm the IPs have not changed.

    This is pfSense 1.2.2

  • This is clip form the configuration file.  The monitor IPs are the same as the WAN and OPT1 gateways.  I try to change them but the changes are not saving from the GUI interface.    Is this in interface bug?  Or do have something incorrect some place else?

    <desc>WAN1 fails to OPT1</desc>
    <desc>WAN2 fails to WAN1</desc>

  • Clear all pools make a fresh pool of load balancer.try using open DNS servers first as monitor IPs if it works perfectly. Try ISP ones.
    ISP ones will always be preferable.

  • I've been downloading a backup config with the GUI.  I then use a text editor to search and replace the monitor IP I want to change…then I upload the "fixed" config.  It would be nice to be able to edit this value without having to reconstruct the pool.