Alpha-20090908 - DHCP Relay

  • Hi,

    I'm playing around with alpha snapshots and can' t get the DHCP Relay option working. The firewall has three interfaces em0, em1, em2 as WAN (dhcp), LAN1 (static), LAN2 (static). There is a working DHCP server at LAN1 with the LAN2 scope configured, if I try to enable the DHCP Relay on the LAN2 interface (with or without append circuit option) from the webgui my changes are applied succesfully. Unfortunately I can't get any DHCP packet forwarded from LAN2 to the LAN1 DHCP server, I noticed two error messages on the console while saving the settings from the webgui:

    dhcrelay: l: host unknown
    dhcrelay: -i: not found

    Can anyone point me in the right direction…

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