PFSense and Vyatta

  • Hello.

    Is it possible to use PFsense and Vyatta on a Vmware ESX machine? Has anyone tried this?


  • hi,

    i have vyatta and vmware running on several esx and esxi machines. on one of my setups i have 2 physical hosts each running pfsense as the firewall  (bridged to the physical nics) then 5 vyatta routers with multiple subnets. this is also configured with ipsec tunnels to the other pfsense box running on another vmware host with several more vyatta routers running behind that host. i'm using OSPF as the routing protocol behind the firewalls in my vm environment and then redistrubuting the routes into pfsense(i wish pfsense came with ospf). i'm also using VRRP on several of the vyatta routers.

    so yes, it is more than possible.

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