• Well relatively..I have a windows server 2008 that does file sharing, printer server, controls DCHP, and controls DNS.

    Now I researched into a VPN router for cisco and was wondering if there is another way. I was directed to get a P3 and install pfSense…

    how does this work???

  • How does what work - VPNs, routers, pfSense?

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  • A way to create a way to have 5 users or so able to dial in (VPN??) outside of network into the work network to modify and access files? I was told to pick up a P3 sysem (maybe a 100 barebones from newegg) and use pfSense..

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    It is no problem, but you have to create the users on the internal Lan….

  • A VPN simply gives you the ability to link in to a network from another network.  Nothing else changes - if they can do it on the work network then there is a way to do it with VPNs.

    Your first choice is the nature of the VPN - IPsec, PPTP or OpenVPN.  Which you choose will depend on the operating system(s) the client(s) use.  Your simplest option, in terms of client behaviour, is to use a bridged VPN so that the clients appear to be on the internal network.