Having trouble setting up CPU temperature monitoring

  • pfSense / FreeBSD newbie here! :-)

    I've just installed pfSense on a "Jetway J7F4K 1.5GHz C7 CN700" motherboard and so far all is going well!

    I really want to be able to monitor CPU temperature though, and so far I'm having trouble. Installing phpsysinfo leaves me with a page without any reference to CPU temperatures, sysctl -a | egrep "temp" returns nothing and mbmon gives me:

    ioctl(smb0:open): No such file or directory
    No Hardware Monitor found!!
    InitMBInfo: Bad file descriptor

    Like I said, I'm a FreeBSD noob and I have no idea what this means! :-p Is it possible that acpi support is not compiled into my kernel, or is turned off in BIOS or something?

  • I've noticed that essentially no acpi components are present, for example acpidump isnt present.

    Is there something I need to install?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FreeBSD may not have support for that chipset, unfortunately.

    The real check is here, though: