Rate not showing last number of IP address

  • I just installed the Rate package and it doesn't show the last number of the IP address. For instance my local ip is and it shows up as  Anyone else have this problem?

  • same here

  • Any update on this issue?  I'm experiencing this as well.  Any info greatly appreciated!

  • bump.. really hoping this can be resolved  :-\

  • same… no update?

  • This is an off-by one bug in the rate program.

    Grab the code from http://s-tech.elsat.net.pl/bmtools/ and change 2 lines in rate_abusers.c.  There are two lines with "65 * 2" in them.  Change both to "64 * 2" and compile.  Place the rate binary in /usr/local/bin/

    Line 106:

                            snprintf(indent, 100, customize_format(opt_cols * 2, 65 * 2, "%%-%d.%ds"), "");


                            snprintf(indent, 100, customize_format(opt_cols * 2, 64 * 2, "%%-%d.%ds"), "");

    Line 154:

                                    printf(customize_format(opt_cols * 2, 65 * 2, "%%s%%-%d.%ds %%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%s\n"),


                                    printf(customize_format(opt_cols * 2, 64 * 2, "%%s%%-%d.%ds %%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%c%%s%%7s %%s%%7s%%s\n"),
  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I know this is an old thread but I just saw it mentioned somewhere. I recompiled the rate package with that patch, can someone who was having this problem reinstall the package and try it again?

  • I installed it fresh a few minutes ago and see all 4 octets.

    I do however see that the rate that is displayed is pretty inaccurate for whatever reason.