• Hi folks,

    I have a strange need…

    I have the need to add another gateway on my LAN that I wish to enable policy based routing on.

    You know the way that if you have 2 WANs on pfsense, you can set firewall rules to make traffic from certain hosts go out different WANs? Well i wish to do this, but one of the gateways would be a machine on the LAN side of pfsense..

    Is this possible? I know I can use static routes if I only wanted certain subnets to go down a different gateway, but reading above, I'm sure you'll appreciated that my case is a little different

    Thanks :)

  • I don't think there is an easy way to add a gateway on the LAN interface, but if you used an additional interface for your LAN, you could add the gateway to that interface and then setup your failover rules like you normally would.

  • Thanks for your reply. If you look at my other post, you will see a different idea that I had:

    it's basically looping the output of the new gateway back over to the WAN which would then allow me to use policy based routing as above. Wot ya think?