• Hello, im using squidGuard to filter with blacklist, and i use "Not to allow IP addresses in URL" as an option too. Some users need access to certain sites that are using IP addresses and not URLs, so i add those IPs in a whitelist on destination to allow them. I have 6 IPs now working fine over that list, but now, i need to add one more to the list, and it gives me and error when i try to save changes:

    The following input errors were detected:

    * DEST 'ListaBlanca': Item 'XXX.XX.XX.X' is not a domain. Item 'XXX.XX.XX.X/' is not a url.

    Searching on forum i found a post where someone advice to use filtering expressions like (XXX.XX.XX.X) and i didnt tried yet, but, anyone has a clue about the error?

    Another related question:

    I put all IP address in the domains list, and repeat them over urls list (with "/" at the end) and of course it works, but which one is the right list to put them on?. For example to allow " until now i put on domains, and on urls, which one is the right one?

  • Use 'Expressions' as (xx.yy.vv.zz)|(aa.bb.cc.dd)…