WAN / VLAN Bridge

  • Hey,

    I'm attempting to bridge a vlan (on re1) with my WAN interface (re0) and am not having much success.  I create the bridge as I have in the past (for bridging two physcal interfaces), but nothing is routed out of the vlan onto the WAN segment, or vice versa.

    I can run tcpdump on the bridge on the pfsense box and can see traffic coming in from the vlan, but no traffic going out onto the WAN, and nothing coming from the WAN side onto the vlan.  Arp requests fail, broadcast traffic receives no response.

    I have created a wide-open rule to allow everything in/out across the bridge, and nat is set to automatic.

    Can anyone spot where I've messed up? If I'm not providing enough detail, let me know…


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