LightSquid logs only show user #000

  • Hi Gurus..
    I'm a noob to pfsense.
    My LightSquid logs only show user #000… They do not seem to break down use by IP.. would appreciate any help i can get :)

    Date: 13 Sep 2009 (update :: 23:43 :: 13 Sep 2009)
    Top Sites Report
    Big Files Report

    Time User Real Name Connect Bytes % Group

    1 [Graph Report] #000 ? 4 514 22.7 M 100.0% ?


  • Do you have Squid installed?

  • same here

    built on Sun Sep 27 17:50:46 UTC 2009

    working well before the update on 2 pfsense

    tried to reinstall packages and same thing

  • ok I found the problem

    change in lightsquid setting

    IP resolve method (future) to IP,SMB not DEMO

    and refresh after that

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