• well it had to happen…. after 3 or 4 installs (embedded), i decided to get greedy and do a full install. i'll have snort, squid, squidguard and a few others. into this will go 5vlans with an block of 8 public ip's.
    firstly the vlans started playing up with 1 serving dhcp and the other not. let's delete and start again......
    the xml OPTXXXX error! won't get caught like that again! easily solved by copying over the config.xml
    so finally got the vlans going properly. the lan interface connects to the internet no probs but i can't get the vlans to even though there are allow all rules in each.
    this is the first one i've setup with multiple public ip's and although i've added them in, i haven't done anything with them yet. i'm just wondering whether merely entering them into pfsense disables any natting for the other vlan'd interfaces?
    the interfaces simply not showing up in the firewall logs etc

  • First of all make sure everything works as you wish without packages then add/configure one at a time.
    pfSense works perfectly with much more than 5 vlans. It's doing it painlessly  :)

  • yep…. back to basics. i'm gonna strip it back down tommorrow and see what happens.