Realtek 8169SC/8110SC Eithernet driver problems

  • I'm using a Realtek 8169SC/8110SC Eithernet adapter and having massive problems with it - at first (after initial configuration) all was fine, but then I unplug my new router move it to its new location and find that it just wont correctly connect to the WAN.

    I then play around with it some more until I can no longer connect using the LAN, get annoyed with it and put it back upstairs (where the screen and keyboard are) to find that I can no longer ping anyone from the LAN adapter - I tracked it in wireshark on my PC and I can see the incoming ping request, followed by the response but nothing appears on the pfSense machine. I've checked the ARP tables as well as the IP addresses / MAC addresses in wireshark but I cant see anything wrong.

    Now a quick hunt has revealed a lot of problems with Realtek cards in general (I'll be staying away from them in the future), however that aside has anyone got any suggestions?

    Also, although I'm new to FreeBSD I am a developer and I do have an interest & developing vauge knowledge of operating systems, and so if there is a bug to be fixed here in the Realtek drivers then I'd quite like to have a go at making a fix. Can anyone offer me any pointers on:

    • How to debug the ethernet adapter drivers (I'm guessing gdb?)
    • How to find out what version of the drivers I'm currently using and how to get the source code
    • How to build my own copy and put it on my target machine (I guess I'm going to have to rebuild the kernel?)

    Many thanks.

  • What version of pfSense are you using? (You might get better results if you use one of the recent snapshot builds of version 1.2.3-RC2. They use the most recent version of FreeBSD.)

  • Thanks, I'll see how it goes, but so far I've had much better results with that.