Freeswitch not accepting incoming SIP call (480 Temporarily Unavailable)

  • Hi -

    Over the weekend I installed FreeSWITCH on an existing 1.2.3-RC1 system.  I am able to register with my SIP provider and make outgoing calls, but cannot receive incoming calls.  Here is my setup.

    pfSense 1.2.3-RC1
      - Pass TCP/UDP 5060-5090
      - Pass UDP 16384-65535
      FreeSWITCH 0.9.5
      - Bound to WAN adapter
      - Gateway to SIP provider (registers OK)
      - Extension 100 can make outgoing calls OK
      - Public dialplan
        . 100, enabled, order 000
        . condition destination_number ^(my_phone_number)$ order 000
        . action transfer 100 XML default order 000

    So, I thought I would monitor traffic on the WAN interface with packet capture.  I can see the invite from my SIP provider, followed by a "trying" response from FreeSWITCH, but FreeSWITCH sends a "temporarily unavailable" message back to my SIP provider.

    SIP_PROVIDER > FreeSWITCH Request-Line: INVITE;transport=udp SIP/2.0

    FreeSWITCH > SIP_PROVIDER Status-Line: SIP/2.0 100 Trying

    FreeSWITCH > SIP_PROVIDER Status-Line: SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Unavailable

    The reason in the last line is reported as "Reason: Q.850;cause=16;text="NORMAL_CLEARING"", though I'm not sure if this is very helpful.

    Any ideas on what I'm missing here, to accept incoming calls?



  • <sigh>responding to my own post.  On the public dialplan, I inadvertently placed 1 before my sip phone number.  Correcting this allowed me to accept incoming calls.

    After fixing this, I found that the IVR voice messages via my SIP provider were choppy, as a result of a transcoding error.  Updating my external profile with the following fixed this.

    <param name="inbound-codec-negotiation" value="scrooge">

    Thanks to mcrane for his help on IRC.