• hi there, I have installed pfsense onto a spare box, onto HDD. it boots and runs fine, webgui runs fine.


    Unable to reach anything on the Wan side of the box. cant even ping my belkin adsl router, however i know pfsense see's it becuase i looked in the routing info, sate i think it is. my pc is directly plugged into pfsense and gets an ip no problem ( pfsense set's up these: LAN : - WAN : (DHCP) i assume from my own adsl router.


    ADSL router - PGsense box - My PC. this is at the moment how i'm using it but not how it will be used once tested out ok.
    It will be part of a lan party next month to restrict access to the net, msn logons, steam, browsing only is what i'm hoping.
    The setup for the lan party will be the following.

    End user - Netgear FSM750S 48-Port L2 Switch - PFsense box - Venue's ADSL Router.  This is how it will hopefully be setup, however it's no good if i cant even get my pc thats plugged direct into th pfsense box working.

    so i suspect it's a misconfig somewhere but i'm not mega savy with all this, I have done a clean install and not changed anything apart from admin password…  thats it.. any ideas anyone ?

  • You can't have WAN and LAN using the same address space 192.168.1.*. Change the LAN address to something different, netmask for example.

  • shouldent have lan and wan on same subnet

    what does you network look like and what are you trying to accomplish?


  • Ok i'll give that a go and let you know.

  • thanks chaps, i'm now using the net with the PFsense box inplace.. good stuff..

    I can tick that off the list of things to do now..