• Hi
    I have a rather convoluted method of hooking up our SIP PBX (Asterisk) which actually works but I would like to streamline it and possibly add some QoS.

    pfSense has the following interfaces:

    WAN1 is for general internet/VPN traffic. WAN2 is for Voip traffic.
    'BRIDGE' interface is bridged with WAN2.
    My Asterisk PBX has two interfaces; one in the LAN and a Public IP in the BRIDGED net. Traffic to the PBX in  BRIDGED is filtered to only allow SIP traffic from our SIP Provider. I use a public IP on the PBX to get around the issues with natting SIP.

    I would like to introduce some QoS on the PBX but I believe the Traffic Shaper does not support Bridged interfaces.
    This leads me to simplifying the PBX routing.
    I look forward to any suggestions you can offer so that I can ditch the BRIDGED interface.
    Should I use the SIP proxy package if I only have the one PBX comminucating with the outside world?
    Any suggested Traffic shaping settings?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • You should also post this to the trixbox and pbxinaflash forums. Lots of guru's there.

    There really isn't a need to put the asterisk on the internet…It's safer to get it behind the firewall and port forward.

    I've successfully established many remote sip extensions with no issues. I have pbx in a flash at the main site, behind a pfsense box. The remote extensions are behind the run of the mill dsl/cable modems. Nothing fancy. Phones have been Snom's and Mitels.

    If you're connecting multiple asterisk boxes just use iax2 connections. Only One port to forward.

    Good luck