SuperMicro 4 port giga lan!

  • Do you guy think this setup will work with PFSENSE??

    I would like to be able to configure it as 4wan with 1 giga to the local network ?? does these items will work on PFSENSE?? Thanx!

  • The Intel NICs on the supermicro board should work great, but I don't see how you can put a PCIe card in that case.  The motherboard appears to have a PCIe slot, but it is in an odd location.  The onboard NIC is a Realtek.  I'm not a fan of Realtek in general, but I've heard that some of the more recent gigabit chips from them are OK.

    I think you'll need to look elsewhere to do 5 gigabit ports.  Try Lanner.

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    It is a 1U 19" rackcase….If you should have any luck, there should be a risercard with the motherboard. Otherwise you should use a 2U serverchassis.

  • Would have been greate but the motherboard is not equiped with an PCI-e connector only standard PCI will do.


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  • To make things a bit more clear.

    The motherboard is only equipped with a standard 32-bit PCI-slot.

    The 4 gig lan expansionboard is equipped with a x8 PCI-E slot.

    The case has room for 1 card if equipped with a raiser board but only if it is a standard PCI.


  • Sorry guy my mystake, this is the case i would like to use!

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    Note that the only risercards that fits, is 32-bit PCI.

    No X8 riser card supported and it is likely that it is the enclosure that is the barrier here….

    It has no slot for it :)

  • He'll definitely need a flexible x8 riser for that.  Not to mention, the quad-port card is somewhat proprietry.  Anyone noticed that the components are on the wrong side of the card?

  • Supermicro's UIO cards are a reversed PCIe card. If you remove the bracket and mount them backwards they'll work in a standard slot, obviously with the connectors on the wrong end. Plus you'll need to find a PCIe 8x riser card that fits properly in the chassis since Supermicro doesn't seem to make an officially compatible one. It's a bit irritating that this store you're linking to doesn't tell you the Supermicro part numbers…

    Like the poster above, I think you're going to need to go to a 2U box with a PCIe riser.

  • I used one of the SuperMicro 1U cases with the ports in the front - CSE-513F-260B with a 3.0 GHz dual core 3085 Xeon on their PDSMi-LN4+ motherboard with 4 - 1 Gb Intel NICs onboard and 2 GB RAM. I put it in 397 days ago and it's never even been rebooted. Our 2 heavily used 20 mb/s fiber Internet connections don't even begin to tax it. It still has a PCI-X slot available in the front too.

  • Throughput and routing doesn't really even come close to taxing most of the newer systems these days unless you have really crappy NICs that flood the chip with interrupts.  You'd need the processing power & memory for things like encryption and snort.  Memory also required for Squid depending on the settings.

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