Pfsense load balancing setting up?

  • Let's simlify…. I have all connected OK, i tested WAN1 and WAN2 on booth internet working... when i test with pfsense in between i can't get to PING anything from WAN2 (diagnostic>ping)??? Not DNS, nothing... like he is blocked by something.... WAN1 is working OK... so all my traffic goes true WAN1. If I monitor IP of router its working, if i monitor DNS nothing?!

    HELP guys.... THX (under you have older post)

    I am trying to set up Load balancing on network....
    My LAN is
    WAN1 is (router mode)
    WAN2 is (router mode)

    My whole LAN network is behind pfsense and switch... everything seems to be working fine with only one wan, but when i try to add another... can't get to load balance...
    Routers are conneceted to net... i can log on webgui of adsl routers...

    When i use tutorial, older one, i set it up and it looks like in status of load balance that they are online, but i cant ping DNS out of the WAN2 (diagnostic>ping)

    in tutorial MUltiwan 1.2 i don't understand the part where i have to enter firewall rules under DMZ destination network?!?! what do i enter here which network?!?

    i don't use servers...

    If i don't have any rules should i be able to ping from wan2 DNS or anything?!!


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