Using network bonding and virtual interface in pfsense

  • Hi,
      i have trying to look for guide which show me any way to create a network bonding in the pfsense. Can i create a network bonding on pfsense . Also recently i needed to add more interface but my mbo can inserted any more nic . But i cant create virtul interface in the pfsense.

    So my question is generally consist 2

    1. can i create network bonding in pfsense?
    2. can i create a virtual interface in pfsens?

  • To answer you question, one would need to know what you were trying to accomplish.

  • Hi,
      well i trying to have network load balancing and fault tolerance on the network card if self.
      Therefor i am looking around on ways to do network bonding on pfsense. Any idea can i archieve it?

  • 2.0 supports interface grouping via lagg.
    I would suggest grabbing an Alpha snapshot if you want to experiment with it.
    The underlying lagg features should be available in the 1.2.3 snaps, so you might be able to hack something together using the shell, scripts, or something. I haven't tried that, and it would be unsupported, but it might be an option if the 2.0 snaps seem too volatile for your needs.

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