• Hello,

    I am a pfsense newbie.  I am in the process of putting pfsense in our existing network at the datacenter.

    We have four servers, all with the public ip addresses  67.134.14.x1 - x4.  All the servers are running apache with the virtual hosts and SSL certifications, MySQL, PostgreSQL and they all talk to each other.

    I tried to configure filtering bridge without any success.  I was able to access out website from outside but it was broken because the servers behing the FW were not probably not talking to each other.  I am trying to avoid 1:1 NAT because I suspect it will require us to change the apache/Mysql configurations and SSL certificates.

    We have two servers designated for the pfsense (with two NICs each).  I will appreciate if someone helps me with the failover confiruration as well.

    Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.