Hosting recursive DNS resolver?

  • Comcast is now returning their own IP (actually, something in a Microsoft netblock) for DNS misses, to serve up their own search results page for non-existent domains. This bugs me much more than it should, and I'd like to just run my own DNS server, wholly bypassing theirs. OpenDNS is a fine service but not what I want to use right now.

    What would you recommend using? I assume I can install bind/tinydns/powerdns via the port system? Just looking for recommendations for something easy to deploy.

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  • tinydns is authoritative only, you want dnscache (though they're both part of the same project). I find that djb's stuff is just plain weird though and tried it, but wouldn't use it myself. I'd just go with BIND, though it'll be a bit more resource hungry.

    Or just use…

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