Voip reserved value in traffic shaping, questions

  • 1. is this value reserved all time on wan?
    2. is this per call or all sip calls per second?
    3. if 1/all call needs 256kb and i put 128kb , rest is "other traffic" under shaping?

  • this is very important, no 1 can answer these? pfew….

  • Presumably, you're using 1.2.x?
    If so, the value is for the entire queue. ie. all calls

    It's not exactly a reserved amount of bandwidth, it's like percentage share where possible.

    To reserve a certain amount of bandwidth, use the realtime setting.

    As far as I can figure out, the difference between realtime and bandwidth share is that realtime bandwidth is reserved even if there are no packets in the queue.  Bandwidth share is reserved only for as long as there are packets to clear.

  • Thx, so if I put higher than my need per sec there is no side effect (lower is problem).

  • Yes.
    If you set the bandwidth share to higher than you need, then the shaper reserves that amount of bandwidth for your calls until all the packets have cleared.

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