New WOL feature, Wakeup groups.

  • I would like to add a new feature to the WOL functionality.  I often only want to start a certain group of computers, and not all of them.  So I would like to add a grouping feature so I can categorize wol entries into different groups.  I would usually use this with a wget command run by cron to start a certain group of machines at 26 different sites at a certain time each week.

    One other feature I may add is a way to specify a delay to wait between each startup, I sometimes like to give each machine 5 minutes before I start the next so virus updates, windows updates, etc don't all hit the network connection at once.

    For my own purposes, All I would really ever need is 2 groups, so one way to do it would be to only allow 2 groups, Add 2 more columns of checkboxes so that each wol entry could be classified into group 1, group 2 or both.  The Group setting could just be stored in the existing wol entries in the config file, just add some variables, group1=yes, group2=yes.

    Another way would be to allow defining any number of groups, which would probably take a separate group setup page, and then add the ability to assign an entry to a group or groups in the entry edit page.  Taking into account that groups could have different delay settings, this would probably mean creating a new config file datastructure for the groups, as well as adding group membership info to the entry data structure.

    Does anyone have other suggestions for how this could work?  I wouldn't want to clutter up the wol interface too much, there is much to be said for simplicity.

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