Routing public subnet with ping

  • Hi folks,

    My WAN connection (Which is PPPoE) gets a block of 16 IP addresses (A /28 network).

    What I have been doing the past while is using Proxy ARP VIP's and using portforwarding to my internal LAN hosts for the services that I want.

    Now, what I also like would be to have a seperate subnet that I can assign static IP's to the actual hosts themselves. I have nearly got this working:

    1. I created a VLAN (As I dont have a space NIC) and assigned a new interface to the VLAN (Called PublicSubnet)
    2. I gave a public IP to PublicSubnet if's address on pfsense
    3. I disabled outgoing NAT for the PublicSubnet interface and subnet
    4. In the firewall rules, I set an allow all rules to a destination set to my /28 network
    5. I gave my hosts (which reside inside PublicSubnet) a public IP and set the default gateway to the IP set in 2)

    Now, the above really does work (e.g. remote hosts can access a web server running on one of the hosts) however, PING doesn't work…

    Does anyone have any idea why not??

    Also, can someone please confirm that I am doing the correct setup? Is step 4) correct? (If I didn't do this, remote hosts couldn't access the hosts inside PublicSubnet)



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