In an awkward bind…500 Internal Server Error

  • I have a WatchGuard at my house running embedded pfSense. I'm currently gone to college a few hours away and I'm home for the weekend. I went to the Web GUI to setup OpenVPN for when I'm away and want to access my local network, but when I typed in my username and password it goes to a 500 - Internal Server Error page. I've read some ways to fix this but they need SSH access and currently I have that disabled. I also can't physically use the device right now because in it's current state I can only use the serial port to connect in. Well, I just have my laptop with me and my USB-Serial adapter is at my dorm room. So basically I have no access to my pfSense box and was hoping to get this done this weekend since it may be a month till I am back here. Is there any way to fix the 500 error without having access to the box?

  • take it to someone who has a computer with a serial port, a friend or relative?

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