DHCP for LAN and WAP

  • I have a DHCP setup on both LAN and WAP, which I want to work on each and only that specific type.  My LAN is pulling ip's from the WAP DHCP.  Why?

  • LAN and WAN are bridged?

  • They are not bridged.  LAN is subnet, and WAP is Subnet, unbridged.  I want data to be able to be passed both ways between them.  But anything I connect to LAN gets a WAP IP, and anything I connect to WAP also gets a WAP IP, even if it's setup as a static ARP.

  • Both subnets have a 24 (or more) bit mask? If I recall correctly, the low order network numbers default to an 8 bit mask so that 10.x.y.z and 10.p.q.r are both on the same network.

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    Is the WAP actually on a separate interface on pfSense, or is it on the same switch as LAN?

  • I'm not sure I understand the subnet part?  Both are on /24, is that the problem?  Are you saying that it needs to be and maybe  The WAP interface is part of the pfsense server.  It's setup as opt1 and is a TP-link PCI card.  Thank you.

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    If they are on separate interfaces, and both are /24, you should be fine.

    Double check your DHCP server settings, make sure the proper address ranges are set there for each interface.

    Normally the only what what you describe would happen is if somehow there were two DHCP servers running on the same physical non-segmented network. For example, if you had a wireless router doing DHCP plugged into the same switch as LAN where pfSense is doing DHCP.

  • It's all setup correctly, but yet it still doesn't work correctly unless I deny the WAP DHCP from accepting unknown clients.

  • I have DHCP enabled on my LAN interface, OPT1 and OPT3 (the latter a wireless interface).

    DHCP assigns addresses from the correct range on all these interfaces.

    I'm running pfSense 1.2.3-RC2 built on Tue Jun 16 04:58:42 EDT 2009

    What version are you running?

    On my pfSense box the dhcpd configuration file (/var/dhcpd/etc/dhcpd.conf) specifies addresses based on subnets rather than interfaces so, if your box follows the same pattern, its hard to see how dhcpd could get confused as to which addresses apply to which interface.

    Do you have any static DHCP assignments? (Possible duplicated static assignments?)

    Have you checked that the DHCP address assignments are actually made by the server you expect?

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