Help with multi-wan traffic shapping. [$20]

  • Looking for some help in the form of step by step instruction via AIM/email/phone.  I'm going to be using a Dell PowerEdge 750 with 1 GB of RAM, and I'm thinking it should be plenty.  I know I could figure out what is possible and how to do it, but honestly I have other projects I would like to get to.  So here is what I'm looking to do.  As far as traffic shaping goes I have listed the items in order of importance.  For the most part if there is traffic to be had on say WarCraft port, I could care less about any other items below it, it could time out for all I care so no need to reserve ANY bandwidth for items below the one above it (with the acceptation of maybe ventrillo, that could get 5-10% if it needs it).  Here is what I'm looking to do:

    WAN1 (default)(dynDNS)(failover if WAN2 drops)
      Download (1,024 kbps)
    WarCraft (3724)
    ventrilo (changes based on server i can edit port number later)
    various (chat 5190 + others  hoping i can add them to the rule as i go)
    SageTV guide data (7760)

    Upload (cap 384 kbps)
    Web Server
    various chat

    WAN2 (failover if WAN1 drops)
      Download (no cap but ~12,000kbps)

    Upload (4,000 kbps)
    SageTV Server

      Download (~20,000 kbps)

    • for custom IP on the LAN
      WarCraft Downloader (6112)
      Windows Updates (443?)

    Upload (~10,000 kbps)

    OTHER Issues
    WAN3 part isn't that important I just saw the open network with good speed and figured i would use it for the big annoying stuff.

    I want to use DNS from WAN1 unless that dies then I want to use DNS from WAN2.  WAN2 is a static IP so I think I'll need to type in DNS server for that (it's behind a router so I think I want it to point to the router).

    I would also like to get some url filtering for advertisements going on.

    My head is bobbing and hitting about to hit the keyboard as I write this.  Sorry if anything is incoherent.  Let me know if interested in lending me a hand via AIM / email / phone.

  • Multiwan traffic shaping is not possible on 1.2.3.

  • 2.0?

    If not I'll have to review the rules just a bit, and upgrade connection speed.

  • For 2.0 it is very possible.

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