Hard disk standby

  • Hi all,

    Running m0n0wall on an old PIII 600Mhz laptop as my internet gateway. Runs smooth and stable :).
    I'm investigating pfSense for use on the same hardware but can't find the 'Hard disk standby time' feature that m0n0wall has. This makes the old laptop silent and consuming very little power.
    Searched in docs an this forum for 'Hard disk standby' but all I found is an old post (2006) refering to this feature.
    Is 'Hard disk standby' still available in pfSense?
    If so in what form (where is it hidden)?
    I hope anyone can answer these questions.



  • No, it's not in pfSense.  If you want it to be silent, look at embedded/nano builds on solid state (eg compact flash) storage.

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