Compact Flash or regular install?

  • Hi Guys,

    I've just bought myself a Via 1.2Ghz mini itx system that I plan to run pfsense on.

    I'm trying to keep noise, heat and power consumption down.  So I've bought a 1GB DOM "Disk On Module" - it's essentially a mini flash drive that plugs directly into the IDE interface.

    Which image do you recommend I load onto this machine? The embedded or full installation?

    Ideally I want access to most features and will likely looking to customize and add additionaly packages.  Is the full installation to wear intensive for a flash drive or can a compromise be found and reduce the amount of writes for logs etc?

  • I have a similar system with a Transcend 1GB DOM. I've been running full installs for close to 18 months ago and have not had any troubles with the disk.

    I have 256MB RAM and a 260MB swap file. The swap file is currently empty and I can't recall ever seeing it used. (I do invoke top from time to time to see what my system is doing.)

  • Thanks,

    I'll give the full install a go.  I've been using IPCop for nearly 6 years without a hitch, but I really want something that will handle a IP blocklist, which is supposedly going to be included with pfsense soon I hope.  It also sounds like pfsense is much more flexible and powerful too.  So it will hopefully be a worthwhile upgrade. :)

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