Is this right for Dual-WAN routing specific protocols/subnets?

  • Hey all,

    Trying to figure out some basics regarding dual-wan set-up. Essentially  I want all traffic loadbalanced except for certain external subnets which need to be routed on either one of the interface and a specific protocol which I want routed over a specific interface as well.
    Here is an image:
    What I am trying todo is the following:
    1. route all 6881 port traffic over ISP1Wan(with failover to ISP2)
    2. route all NetworksDefined in ISP1Net over  ISP1Wan(with failover to ISP2)
    3. route all Networks defined in ISP2Net over ISP2Wan(with failover to ISP1)
    4. load-balance the rest of the traffic
    5. if above fail route everything over the default gw

    Do i need anything in outbound port nating? for the moment I am just doing a default all outbound nat for each interface?

    I have to ask 'cause i find that the PDF howto on dual-wan versus this doc article seem to provide different explanations. So I am not sure which is in fact right.
    appreciate the feedback


  • Where is this PDF howto you mentioned? Don't touch outbound NAT. Firewall rules direct traffic, NAT config determines how it's translated depending on the interface where it's directed.

  • Nevermind, found the outdated PDF, I'll remove it.

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