• Is SPAMD working on PfSense 1.2.3?

  • I would like to know this too.  I see a few posts about spamd being confirmed broken in 1.2.1 by cheesyboofs & capitangiaco back in March, but nothing more after that.  It would be great to get spamd running correctly on 1.2.3!  Can anyone confirm this?


  • So, now I know what cheesyboofs went through  :o…I wish this package would play nice with 1.2.3 nano, but it doesn't.  Nor, do I have the expertise to fix the package so that it does.

    some things I've noticed that has to be done initially is give the user '_spamd' the correct permissions.

    1. 'pw user mod_spamd -u 0' to get rid of the errors in the log that state this: '/sbin/pfctl returned status 1'.  From what I have read this error is happening because the user '_spamd' doesn't have the correct rights according to this bug at the bottom of this link:
         spamd currently uses the user ``_spamd'' outside a chroot jail when run-
         ning in default mode, and requires the greylisting database in
         /var/db/spamd to be owned by the ``_spamd'' user.  This is wrong and
         should change to a distinct user from the one used by the chrooted spamd
    1. spamd-setup is looking for spamd.conf in /usr/local/etc/spamd, not /usr/local/etc/ as indicated in the documentation, so it won't load the black or white lists because of this.  After the package install the only thing in the /usr/local/etc/spamd folder is the file spamd.conf.sample.  After I made the spamd.conf file from copying the spamd.conf.sample file in the folder and stopped spamd and started it in the shell with:  '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start' I got this returned to me:
    cerberus:/usr/local/etc/spamd#  blacklist uatraps 54496 entries
    blacklist nixspam 40000 entries
    blacklist china 718 entries
    blacklist korea 431 entries

    –-but the GUI still didn't show any entries in the 'SPAMD Database'
    3)  I'm sure there a few more changes that need to happen but I have yet to find the next step to get this package running correctly.  I would be freakin awesome if SPAMD would run.

    I know Sullrich did an extensive overhaul to this package like crazy,526.0.html in January '06 but maybe he can take a look at it again to make sure it works with 1.2.3 nano & HDD install if he has time?   ;)

    I know that we all appreciate his hard work on it in addition to PFSense overall!

  • I set up for default greylist mode, and noticed nothing was getting thru even after changing the passtime to 5 minutes.  I STF and found the _spamd user issue.  Fixed that.

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