Client not get IP (SOLVED)

  • One switch (main) burned. I have prepared for this and rebuilt the net quickly. I made one mistake, switched wan and lan 1 and possibly opt1 and opt2. Can this lock a mac-adress from the pfsense. Only one computer shows this
    behaviour. It had static ip which i have released. Nothting shows in arp-table. Restart of router and AP dont change anything. Computer moved to standalone from LAN or opt acess anything (reserv router) outside of the net and get IP.

    For a while this PC was under PC-AP(buffalo router in AP-mode)-switch-router because i was short of switches.
    Nothing but pfsense router has dhcp activated. opt1 and opt2 bridget with lan. CP deactivated. No macfilter.

    Bridged OP1 and OP2 with LAN and forget that firewall was blocked in start.

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