Strange behaviour with smtp

  • Hello, on 1.2.2 I have the folliwing setup
    wan interface with ip a.b.c.1
    dmz 1

    on the wan I've setup a virtual IP a.b.c.2 and setup the port forwarding  for it on port 25

    WAN  TCP  25 (SMTP) (ext.: a.b.c.2) 25 (SMTP)

    to (linux antispam). after processing the mail the antispam forwards it to the internal email server

    I've added a rule like this

    TCP  *  *  25 (SMTP)  *

    to enable the traffic from the outside to the antispam server.

    I can receive emails fine, but from some hosts I get this:

    39. 458397 rule 62/0(match): block in on em1: > [|tcp]
    2. 865872 rule 62/0(match): block in on em1: > [|tcp]
    6. 018565 rule 62/0(match): block in on em1: > [|tcp]
    71. 224688 rule 62/0(match): block in on em1: > [|tcp]
    3. 059049 rule 62/0(match): block in on em1: > [|tcp]

    I've got only korean an at&t IPs.

    Any idea on what's this ?



  • IF the log was from a pfSense system (you don't seem to have said) then I suggest you dump the firewall rules to see what rule 62 is and that might tell you why the traffic was blocked.

    I presume em1 is your WAN interface and that you added the SMTP firewall rule to the WAN interface.

  • Hello,
    Yes, the system is pfsense 1.2.2
    the rule for smtp was added to the wan interface (em1).
    pfctl -vvs rules reports this

    @62 block drop in log quick on em1 from bogons:50to any label "block bogon networks from wan"                    
     [ Evaluations: 369980    Packets: 557       Bytes: 27864       States: 0     ]                                    
     [ Inserted: uid 0 pid 48699 ]

    running /etc/ seems to solve the issue (outdated bogons definitions)



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