Problem with Captive Portal, it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When i set captive portal up, i can not comunicate with pfsense and i see the page of captive portal but it doesn't redirect to other page only i see the page of captive portal, sorry for my english  :o

  • use a snap shot of pfsense 1.2.3 RC3 build 9-22-09 and newer captive portal works 8)

  • Well i want to use PFsense 2.0 ALpha and in this version the captive portal doesn't work :'(

  • we've got the same problem. i am using the latest build of pfsense 2.0 alpha-alpha(freebsd 7.2) in my office network and i can't implement captive portal like i did with the stable version before… mac filtering and ip filtering is not an option for now... but aside from that i think it's working perfectly in my case. so i am looking forward when it will be addressed and solved. still, i am very thankful with the effort the developers are doing with pfsense. thank you guys!

  • It should be working as of latest snapshots(with today or bigger date).

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