Ubiquiti SR5/SR2, and general WiFi cards information.

  • I was wondering if anyone has worked with Ubiquiti SR5 or Ubiquiti SR2 wifi miniPCI cards…
    I've heard VERY good stuff about them but don't have one myself in order to try with pfsense...

    They should work ok since they are based on an Atheros AR5004 but... nothing is perfect! heh~
    These are the specs for SR5 and SR2...

    I'm mainly interested in the stability of the system using these cards! ://

    :) thanx~

  • They do provide higher power, but higher power also means more noise.

    I have tried these cards on WRAP platforms, and they work fine, but the gain is normally minimal, and you can just as easily get the gain for the antenna and have a cleaner signal.

    In general I would say that what you hear about them is overrated, remeber 400mw output is max at low rates, for the highest rates you will end up at around 100mw.

    PS. if you use them with WRAPs, do this power modification: http://biggsonthenet.com/doc/ecn013.pdf because they do need more power on the minipci slot.


  • Do you have any thoughts on reliable wifi cards (miniPCI/PCMCIA) or chipsets?
    I know this is a very generic subject but we could (and maybe should) make a list of used hardware and the results we had with it…

    Thanks for your reply btw! :)

    Ps. I'll modify the topic title to correspond with new questions.

  • Most Atheros based cards are good.
    Wistron Neweb CM-9 cards work fine. (minipci)
    Senao 5354 MP PLUS ARIES2 4G (minipci)
    Dlink DWL-AG530/AG520 (PCI)
    3com 3CRDAG675 (PCI)

    In general you can refer to this list: http://www.madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility since the freebsd HAL and the MadWiFi HAL is the same. (cards reported working on madwifi-ng might not work !!)
    But forget about pcmcia/cardbus cards, they might work on linux and not on freebsd and vice versa.