How to setup: Pfsense + Squid Proxy + SquidGuard + Failover

  • I'm using PfSense
    Version  1.2.3-RC3
    built on Sat Sep 19 15:48:42 UTC 2009
    FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3 i386

    I have two internet connections; WAN, OPT1 use static ip.
    I have set Pfsense as a proxy server with add-on Squid Proxy and add-on content filtering SquidGuard.
    PfSense proxy server is now working normally with no problems WAN conditions, I want to ask someone solved the problem Failover when the wan error?

    1. WAN run is ok: LANs ==> Pfsense ==> Squid Proxy ==> SquidGuard ==> WAN (Default)
    2. WAN error: LANs ==> Pfsense ==> Squid Proxy ==> SquidGuard ==> OPT1 (Failover)

    I only use a server PfSense.

    Thanks for advance!

  • Squid and Squid gives trouble when used in a MultiWAN environement.
    It has always givn me trouble.

    Until the next version of pfsense.i am using Smoothwall for all sorts of content blocking.

  • I do not use load balancing, I just set Default.
    I do not rule set for MultiWAN environement.
    I leave the default settings; Any Protocol (LAN) -> Any (Destination) -> Default gateway
    My problem is a script to change Default gateway and Default root when the wan main

  • But inorder to use automatic failover you need to have your client using the load balancing gateway instead of the defult one.
    So you need to create a failover gateway in services-> load balancer

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