HP DL320 G5P Install over ILO Issues

  • Hi All,  I'm new to pfsense and I am looking forward to getting this system up and running (from what I've read it should be an excellent product).

    I have a HP DL320G5p with an ILO2 which I'm using to do the install over the ILO KVM with the ISO mounted from here.

    When I run the pfsense install after where I select the default install from the menu, bsd starts to boot.  At this point the ILO falls over and stops responding to pings.

    I am using the built in SATA raid and the ILO is on a shared NIC.

    Has anyone experienced this issue of late?

    I found an old post from 2006 here (http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?action=printpage;topic=2523.0) which seems related.

    Any assistance would be appreciated or I'll have to goto smoothwall community edition which isnt as fully featured!



  • It's more of an issue with the iLO actually resetting during the OS bootup.  Go to HP's website and get a new BIOS to fix the problem.

    Specifically, you're looking for:
    Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade for HP ProLiant ML310 G5/DL320 G5p Servers

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